Who Do I Talk To?

Who do I talk to when I'm feeling scared?
When I think I have gotten too far over my head
And I'm too much of a control freak to find calmness in my soul?
Who do I talk to?

Who holds me when I'm shaking in the night,
Feeling like a piece of gum stuck on the shoes of life,
Waiting to smack into the pavement again ... and again?
Who holds me?

Who do I trust? Who? Or is it What?
Oh, golly, I hope it's not a What ... I hope they're a Who.
Somebody, not something ... even many somebodies.
I have trouble with trust.

Where do I go when I feel lonely and unappreciated?
When I haven't been held? When I haven't talked to anyone?
When there are no beings of light nearby and I feel stupid?
I have trouble feeling stupid.

And when I have been blessed ... for no reason at all ...
And can believe that I have seen things clearly once before ...
And can relax in the moment, trusting that all really *is* for the best ...
Well ... who did I talk to?

What happened there? What was that lightness?
And who were those beings that made me grin so wide?
And am I really allowed to be that happy after all?
I still feel stupid.


Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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