We Are All Loners

They have it all wrong, you know,
All those people that think that when
One finds True Love, one merges with them.

All the merging happens ...
and has already happened ...
Spiritually ... not mentally, nor emotionally ... and
in your more advanced moments, you know this.

True Love seems to mean a person
That one can dump one's excess feelings
Of universal love ... of joy at being alive ... upon.

Unless you "merge" enough to connect ...
but that's just connecting, not merging.
Merging ... becoming One ...
well ... we already are, so forget about it.

We are all loners ... all spiritual paths lay within.
Those who can merge with us are within us already.
They are our spirit guides, higher selves, and ancestors.

The Big Secret is that we can manifest
our Higher Selves in this reality ...
Which allows changes to the Rules of Reality ...
which, historically, we have all called Miracles.

So ... the more alone you are, the more connected you are?
Well ... no. You walk alone toward spiritual connectedness ...
So that we can manifest miracles in our friendship.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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