The Box

Wish I could say in words
The gratitude I feel
Wish there was something
To show the stuff that's real

A petulant little boy had come
And shouted in my heart
I couldn't hear the softer sounds
Only the loud and tart

I worry when that happens
And I'm spending time with you
Because speaking from the heart then
Doesn't speak the words that are true

And I think it all got started
By my fears you'd go away
A self-fulfilling prophesy
Leading down the slippery way

I've dealt with that before
And was surprised to find it here
Some things never change, I guess
Whatever one hold's dear

A long way to say I'm sorry for
Those limits mentioned in our talks
For trying to confine you, dear,
and place you in a box.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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