Sometimes I wish I knew ...

Sometimes I wish I knew how to fight,
Not fight with fists and desperate anger,
That one uses against a physical foe,
I already know how to do that,

But fight with excitement and charm
And passionate emotional intensity
Against whatever it is that is slowly
Deadening the joy that exists between us.

Perhaps we should go about our lives separately,
Which you suggested might be best last night,
Because you "had the best time" Saturday night,
At least in part because I wasn't there.

And, maybe what's happening is just
That we are both continuing to grow,
And, while we value each other's
Innate wisdom and clear perspective,

Our emotional tastes demand variety.
I know that as much as I like good coffee,
Once in a while I want instant just for a change
Or a cup of Lipton tea rather than Constant Comment.

So, I guess that brings me, finally, to this:
If you want to increase your menu selections,
And cut back on the portions of BobL in your life,
Or even eliminate them ... perhaps for a while ...

I'll do whatever I can to make that easier for you;
Returning your key; removing my things;
Certainly never again drop in without calling.
But ... know this ...

If you should get the craving
For a touch of good old BobL
On your feet or in your heart
Your invitations will always be welcome.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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