Love's Path

Love's Path has spots on her hands.
Her hair is grey.
She's seen sadness in her day.

Love's Path is laughter, releasing, clear ...
Carried in my heart when she's not near.

Love's Path has little winkles around her lips.
Her eyes are brown with flecks of green.
Her smile is gay ... and in-between.

Love's Path is laundry, and long phone calls.
Tunnels of light create our private halls.

Love's Path looks good wearing red.
Her hands are smooth and strong.
Her heart and mind where they belong.

Love's Path is song, feelings, and dance.
She smiles when our eyes meet in a glance.

Love's Path is intimacy, spiritual and true.
Her heart she molds, with grace from above.
Her gift to all, her accepting love.

Enough said for now about this path ... that's true,
For it's clear enough, the path is you.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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