Love Is

Love is one of the words I use
That is difficult to tame;
In meaning and in life, it's shape
Changes like the fireplace flame.

And like a flame, it's consuming ...
Sometimes roaring, crackling loud;
And just when one gets used to heat,
It changes into billowing cloud.

Drifting like a dream (or is it
More like pie up in the skies?)
Sometimes distant, sometimes dark,
Or dropping tears from puffy eyes.

Blue skies hold more than clouds,
And before the thick cloud thinned,
Why ... the form of love went swirling off
Into a gust a wind.

Love is one of the words I use
and it's hard to pin it down,
But sometimes I hear laughter,
And sometimes I'm a clown.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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