Job Offer Reflections

I've been thinking and wondering these past few days,
about working downtown, walking the skyways,
And I've been excited about the job and the people there,
about diving into things and coming up for air.

And working there just seems like it would be such a fun thing to do,
that I'll bet you're wondering why I haven't been calling you.
So, here's the full story. Pull up a chair
and I'll tell how a simple choice turns into a bear.

You remember I'm married with two kids living at home
(and there're two more living not quite on their own)
and being there for them is important to me,
though long hours are mostly normal (it's not that, you see.)

The difficulty comes from a direction significantly other,
To be blunt, it comes from the youngest one's mother.
She's in transition, you see, going a separate way.
Not quite yet, but June is not far away.

I am transitioning into single parent, I've learned
at least as far as the 12 year old is concerned.
It's not a new role, and I've been there before
but the question becomes: "Who's minding the store?"

Who's checks the homework? Who cooks dinner?
Who gives the hug that helps him feel like a winner?
Not that I haven't thought of answers ... things I could do,
but I thought you'd like to know, so I'm telling you.

The rest is just little things, and they go both ways,
the costs and the bennies of being downtown in the days.
Talking to my men's group and other friends helped only a bit.
So maybe you can help me from falling into a pit.

I can give weight to the hugs, that's not what I ask,
but maybe we can talk some more to define the task.
I need help with the sorting of various thrills,
and which are the mountains? which the molehills?

And, thanks for listening. It helps just writing this down.
I'm usually not such an emotional clown.
Or, maybe I am ... well, I'll blame it on stress,
or a long-lost braincell that left me a mess.

Seriously, though, I think you can help me get clear
So call me, please, and we can go on from here.
It shouldn't take long, a few minutes will do,
And it'll be good for me; it'll be good for you too.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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