If It Comes To That

If it comes to that ...
If it comes to the point
Where I can look at you for a whole day
Without thinking how incredibly blessed I am
That you are content with my presence in your life
And that, at times, you actually seem to enjoy it

Well ... if it comes to that ...
I promise to speak to you about it
Before I go away
Because I may have learned by now
That I don't know how I feel
Or how you feel
Because I don't ask either of us enough questions.

But ... if it does come to that ...
I can't promise anything else
Because I just don't know and can't imagine
But, I guess, we'd still be friends
And talk once in a while
And, somehow, that makes it all
A lot less scary.

And so ... maybe it won't come to that after all.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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