I Miss Writing

I really miss the delight
Of writing through the night
And knowing loving eyes
Will see through love's disguise
And make connections in the heart
Like it was right from the start

And I miss the being side-by-side
Riding the waves of love's tide
Wondering if we'll have the time
To turn the world on with a rhyme
And sing the glorious, happy news
That all is love ... even the blues

But what I find the biggest mess
That makes swiss cheese out of happiness
Is going back to square one on trust
Dreams and visions dissolve to dust
"Nevermore" was the raven's quote
But "not now, not soon" has my vote.

Some wounds in time leave just a scar
Showing were we've been, and who we are
Other hurts seep back to our pasts
Creating an ache for a dream that lasts
When angels weep, and hearts want to cry
Know then that a dream did die.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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