I Look At What I'm Doin'

Well I look at what I'm doin'
Nibblin' earlobes ... tasty chewin'
Talkin' to the wee hours
Sleepin', touchin', screwin'

And there ain't a thing to save us
Both together, me an' you an
Why it seems so big an' heavy
I'm still lookin' for a clue an'

Where I'm goin' find it
Has left me a little stewin'
'Cause I want it connected and hopeful
And I want it plain for viewin'.

It's a test, I guess, that came up
And I guess that it was due, an'
I'm guessin' we'll survive it
And continue with our two-ing

But I'm lookin' at what we're doin'
Nibblin' earlobes ... sailin' crewin'
I open up my heart an'
It seem that you do too then.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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