Bone Buzz Reflections

She has the buzzing in her bones,
That buzzes in mine,
Buzzing all over,
And reflected in time.

Reflecting on sex,
Reflecting love and wine.
Buzzing in our bones;
The notes we chime.

There was a buzz-point with Sarah,
And Joanna as well,
Before the sub-sonics that
Made it sick as hell.

Sick with a lonesome,
Yearning, empty shell,
With an echoing note
Of a sexual swell.

And I don't understand it,
But sooner or later ...
Most of us believe
In our little vibrator.

An interesting choice,
But I'm no Master Debater,
Perhaps the answer is
Just to vibrate her.

But how the get there
From here where I dance
Alone in the quiet
Without any romance?

Could it be as simple
As giving time a chance
To blend all the buzzing
Surrounding our pants?

Golly, I don't know.
And, golly, what a mess.
But when it's going to change
Is anybody's guess.

So here's to the buzzing,
Which, I must confess,
Brings a smile to my lips,
And my heart ... more or less.

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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