And Then

And then, sometimes,
They go away
That inner talent
That has it's way
Using your fingers
To tease the guitar
Making your voice
Reach out very far
To sing as a pair
To sing as one star.

Daytime star,
Um-hmm, you are.

And then, mostly,
When they go away
I've learned to listen
Or, so the voices say,
To the sound of fingers
Connected to a heart
relaxed, attentive
Happy, yet apart
Wondering of values
Fingers to heart.


So maybe, whenever,
When they've gone away
It's just my mind
That's got in the way
Of truth and dare
And forms of play
That shake the daylights
Out of the day
And light up our night
In some twisted way.

{decant: and fade to dark rose, then black}

Love, Light, & Laughter -- BobL
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