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Hello ... I have no contact info for you, so ...

You can usually find me here ... at least once a week.

And, while there is nearly always a song or two brewing in the back of my soul, trying to connect my heart and mind with the healing sound of dancing love ... that 1st album is now way old. On to the next one.

The next one may include a few cover songs. Maybe Denise will have enough lyrics for a whole original album.

By golly! I have a BLOG! Check it out!

Hey ... have I told you about my kids?. I have lots of kids ... but none that live with me.

Two from my first marriage ... back when I was 18. Hardly ever see them.

Three with Sarah ... who died of breast cancer when they were 10, 6, and 2 ... are 34, 31, and 27 now ... and who moved out on their own ago. Maria (pronounced like mariah), Thyme, and Bow (short for Rainbow).

And Suzi-Q ... 21, and living with her mom, step-dad, and half-brother in Minneapolis while going to college and studying the viola.

Having kids has been my main path for spiritual growth ... until recently. Now the main path is threefold: singing, dancing, and ... guess what? ... I'm a husband.

Back to spiritual growth for a moment ... dancing turns out to be a wide path for growth, and my particular trail has me spinning all over it ... as did raising kids ... and as does being a husband.

I used to ride a motorcycle, nearly every day ... but I now have a scooter (okay ... a Maxi-scooter, with a 400 CC engine).

The motorcycle is broken now ... the case came down hard on a curb, cracking the timing gear cover, and taking some of the engine case with it. Perhaps it will be fixed someday ... right now I can't think about it.

Yellow. It's a good thing. The color of my ArchAngel (Chamuel)clan ... I think. I may have blended a couple clans together ... or more.

I do Mer-Ka-Bah meditations daily (well ... usually daily) ... and I've been a vegetarian since 1971. For a while I was vegan, but have added dairy back in to my diet. At least, half-and-half for my coffee.

Oh ... and I ate bacon for a while too ... I was a bacotarian.

Okay ... my personal pages are constantly being updated ... at least, in my head ...

I used to archive these things ... I'll organize someday, but not now.

I've been distracted. I will now be attracted.

Stay tuned. Stay centered. See ya 'round.

love, light, and laughter ... BobL
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