Dancing Bob =-and his-= Imaginary Band

... The Happy Cat Recording sessions ...

.... (Shaman Rock is done!) ....

Ah ... the sweet freedom of hiring a guy and his studio. All the sessions below were recorded at Colin Boyd's Happy Cat Recording Studio.

Hello ... We be w00t!
Shaman Rock is done!

Here are the interior and exterior panels of digipak (no jewel case!)

You can see them full sized here and here.

This page is now undergoing construction ... and, while all the links it used to refer to are still in place, this page will only have links to mp3's from the final album ... at least, for a while.

The next album is officially under development now, and, since it will contain a few cover songs, has the working title of: Y'all Way Rock ... because y'all rock ... way rock ... and because I laughed.

There will be a link to it off the main page, once I've gotton going with the studio time.

I'll bet you'd like to hear this lovely new album ... so here are links to full size mp3s of all the songs:
  1. Shaman Rock - Born in the depths of time ... here leaving the nest.
  2. More Than Cookies - Tell your kids you love them this much!
  3. The Right To Be Stupid - Cherish it. Protect it!
  4. Simple Love - Solid as a rock, and gentle as a dove.
  5. Say It Ain't So - I don't care who you been with, and I don't care who you sin with ...
  6. Brain Dead Again - Yup yup ... that been me ... more than once.
  7. I Miss You - and I still do.
  8. Best That You Can Be - I hope you see ... what it means to me ...
  9. Dancing Bob - Yeppers, this is a band song. Hey! hey! We're the Shaman!
  10. Falling Off A Log - Loving you has always been this easy.
  11. w00t w00t Two - a word I learned from my youngest daughter,
    w00t (those are zeroes in the middle) is a happy sound ...
    gotta have w00t, or the clock's not wound!
  12. Feels Like Falling In Love - Rest in Friendship ... that's alright!
  13. Wish I Could Say - I really do wish I could say I loved you ...
  14. Story About Love - Using the time-honored "rain" metaphor ... somehow.
  15. Since You've Been Gone - I've been feeling pretty darn good.
  16. Once Again This Year - Written the Christmas after Sarah died, and we all missed her. We still do.
  17. Looking For Love - I am sorry for all the collateral damage that occurred while I was looking.
  18. Songs To Dance Exploring - Paths with rays and circles are mapped inside my mind.
  19. Talk About It - a song about what I usually don't talk about.
  20. Behind Your Ears - A good place to listen.

    If you'd like a hard copy of the CD, I'll send you one in the mail for the $5.00 it costs me for postage and bubble mailer and gas to the post office. Send me email, and I'll send you directions.

    Heck ... I'll even sign it if you ask.

    Love, Light, and Laughter:

    Dancing Bob and the whole imaginary Band

    Note: all artwork and graphics, as well as the poetry, songs, and recordings copyrights 1986-2005, by Bob Ludwig.

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