Dancing Bob =-and his-= Imaginary Cover Band

... the songs of people that are not Bob Ludwig

Covers ... gotta love 'em ... people don't know who you are unless you play music they've heard before ... sometimes this means playing songs other people have written, and sometimes it means playing something that they've only heard echoing in their souls.
What you can hear (from here, ya hear?) is an odd mix of both.
So ... covers ... not for sale, but for the fun of it:

    My Roots:
  1. Done Laid Around
    Written by Paul Clayton, Larry Ehrlick, David Lazar, & Tom Six ... and it's a fun piece.
  2. Done Laid Around (squawk version)
    For a complete break with reality ... this piece started out as "Done Laid Around" ... sung as input while the mics were being adjusted. A couple verses went well ... but then ... it ... changed ... Squawk!
  3. Freight Train
    Elizabeth Cotton's famous song.
  4. Summertime
    Everyone has to sing this ... and do it their own way.
  5. Nobody Knows You
    Like Summertime, everyone has to sing their own version of this.
  6. Sixteen Tons
    Not at all like the Ernie Ford version.
  7. St. James Infirmy
    Death ain't that bad, and ... let's say you have to do the Louisianna funeral thing ... you need this song!
  8. You Can't Do That (done at home)
    A Beatle's piece ... morphed to a coffee-house jazz/blues thing.
  9. Dear Prudence
    I've been playing this almost since I first heard it ... probably my favorite of their tunes I play.
  10. Here Comes The Sun
    "And I say ... it's all right ... ".
  11. Things We Said Today
    "You say you will love me ... ".
  12. You Can't Do That (done at Happy Cat Studio)
    Another version ... still morphed.
    Stuck in my mind:
  13. It's Alright, Ma
    A Bob Dylan song ... every word still ringing true.
  14. The Sisters of Mercy
    Yep ... they really exist.
  15. Catch The Wind
    I guess I was in a Donovan mood.
  16. Colours
  17. Momas, Don't Let Your Babies
    Willie sang it right and true ... so do I.
  18. Rainbow Connection
    I sing the blues ... and, here, I sing the greens.
  19. Trouble Every Day
    Serious, in a whole 'nother way ... the 1st song I ever performed in public.
  20. When I Was In Love
    Bill Nash's lovely song ...
  21. You Can Close Your Eyes
    James Taylor wrote this lovely piece ... my heart says every word is true.
  22. House of the Rising Sun

  23. Blue Christmas
  24. Santa Claus is Coming

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