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Songs on the Dancing Bob =-and his-= Imaginary Band album

(an incomplete lyrics page is available ... which I seem to be incapable of completing ... and a friend is putting up a web site for local artists to sell their stuff, which is still not up ... but, in the meantime, you could listen ).

  1. Every Minute Fine
  2. Inverted at LightSpeed
  3. Since You've Been Gone
  4. Blind Lemon Bob
  5. More Than Cookies
  6. Brain Dead Again
  7. Story About Love
  8. Dancing Bob
  9. Songs to Dance Exploring
  10. Wish I Could Say
  11. Boogie Minutes
  12. Once Again This Year
  13. Crawdad
  14. Love Is A Song
  15. Inverted at LightSpeed(oncethru)

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Note: all artwork and graphics, as well as the poetry, songs, and recordings copyrights 1986-2003, by Bob Ludwig
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