Dancing Bob =-and his-= Imaginary Band

... the songs, lyrics, and poetry of Bob Ludwig

Well ... you found us ... me ... them. This is us. I'm the one on the left ... and on the right. I'm me, and I'm my Imaginary Band.

Okay ... some of the Imaginary Band members are, possibly, not me ... are, maybe, part of you.

There's new stuff here: All but SugarBabe are Denise's words and my music.

    The first one is the newest Christmas song ... hope y'all like it ... and then last year's Christmas song:

  1. Angel Feet -We will have each other, Darling ... so let that snow keep fallin'.
  2. Egg Nog -Makes me smile every time I listen to it. Hope y'all smile too.
  3. Billie Cries - It is simply the best song I've ever played.
  4. Rythm Rhyme - Back now, to the original lyrics.
  5. Sugar Babe - I wrote this for Denise, and played it at our wedding. People seem to like it
  6. Nearly 10 - Darn nice song ... we make a good team!
  7. Whatever Takes The Pain Away - this really does help take the pain away ... ROCKING!
  8. Las Vegas - How I miss you ....
  9. Wonder - If Life and Love were Fair.
  10. Mary Cries - A Christmas Song ... complete with donkey and a stable full of tears.
  11. Ducks Crossing in the Rain - a.k.a the Duck Song ... for all you Texans.
  12. A Tribute to Blue - Blue ... for all of you.
  13. Rock-n-Rollka - Rock-n-Rolka.
  14. Ukulele Tune - My 1st attempt to create on the Ukulele I got for my birthday.
  15. Ukulele Tune - now has words - Denise wrote wonderful words for the tune above ... so I recorded it with the words.
  16. Rainy Day #2 - First of three new children's songs Denise wrote .
  17. This Here Song -Second of three new children's songs Denise wrote - and my personal favorite .
  18. Dance Me To the End of Love ... a Leonard Cohen song
  19. Wiggle Both Feet - Third of three new children's songs Denise wrote - these are dancing instructions .
  20. Colin HB - Like ... HB ... Colin dude.

And so, if it's Christmas ... and finally time for a little Christmas music:

And ... there's lots of other pages to go to ... depending on what you're looking for. There's albums:



The HappyCat Sessions were fun, but the plan languished and life moved on. 



There are mp3's of Unstructured Multitrack Events ... also known as jams.



There are songs I've recorded ... covers ... not for sale, but for the fun of it.



There are pages of poetry, but the best of the last few years is on my blog  ... I do plan to more the best of the blog poetry to this page soon. 



Yes, I dance ... or used to ... we dance (Denise & I).   A lot of the dancing is at home.

Actually ... if you've seen me anywhere when there was live music playing, you've probably seen me dancing. Dancing is how I progress along life's path (go read the poetry).

I used to dance alone most of the time ... partly because most folks are a bit shy of dancing on a more-or-less empty dance floor ... but now I dance with Denise (mostly), and friends.

We will all dance alone together. See my poem about that ... it's called We Are All Loners ... but ... that said ... if you have danced with me ... thank you.

Each and every time I have danced with another, I have been blessed ... with insights, with smiles, with moving and open hearts.





And here is the link to the personal stuff that is more like a free-form ramble. It grows and shrinks with my moods.



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